About Us

Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan Kingdom sandwiched between the two Asian giants, India bordering south and China bordering north, has inherited profound values, culture and tradition. Never in her history, has she been colonized by any outside forces despite her size and population. Bhutan is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, thanks to her unique culture and pristine environment. Almost 70% of the country is covered under lush green forests, for which the world accolades Bhutan. Since festivals are aplenty round the year in every pockets of Bhutan, the country literally remains a perfect hub for fun, recreation and exploration for tourists.

In this regard, Padmasambhava Tours and Treks offers to you an exclusive way to visit this wonderful dragon kingdom. We have several tour packages and stand humble to provide quality services to our visitors. Importantly, PTT assures a comfort at home hospitality to all our guests. Founded in 2008, Padmasambhava Tours and Treks is established not only as a business entity but also to accomplish the noble vision of Eminence Jangchu Dorji Rinpoche to help look after the unfortunate and needy individuals in the Bhutan.

Padmasambhava Tours and Treks is financially sustaining the lives of over thirty individuals till date. Some of children have been supported from the beginning of their education until they complete their courses even at a college level. Padmasambhava Tours and Treks also facilitates Padmacholing Retreat Home at Paro. The retreat home shelters elderly people who do not have proper family support, and those people from financially disadvantaged background. The home provides free food, clothes and shelter for as long as they may need.

Therefore pay us a visit to grab the opportunity to have mesmerizing experience in Bhutan coupled by yet another opportunity to accumulate merits by helping the unfortunate ones.

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