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In Bhutan Economic and military will not be able to compete with other world. So, we preserve culture as unique identity and inter dependency. Bhutan culture is one of the unique cultures in the world and one of the means to protect the sovereignty of the nation. The geographical environment kept the country isolated from the rest of the world which contributed in the protection of its rich culture heritage and influences environment from outside. Our culture is the spark that glows all around the world and let them feel the brightness of how strong it is to keep its people together. Our unique culture is more than a century years old and it still shines as bright as sun. Our culture is our identity and that strongly symbolizes that we are independent and happy.

People follow the philosophy of Gross National Happiness which include preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage. Bhutan has a very unique culture and tradition. Dzongkha has been choosen as national language because it is convenient to use or communicates during the official works.

The Driglam Namzha is the official behaviour and dress code of Bhutan. The traditional dress is one of the most distinctive features of Bhutan. Men wear Gho a long robe that is raised till knee folded backwards and then tied by kera (belt). Where women wear a rectangular piece of cloth called kira. Men wear a white scarf called kabney and women rachu during formal visits to Dzongs or office. It is one of the most important decorum of Bhutanese people.

Archery is our national and popular among all the sports. The competition is held between two teams. Other traditional sports include Khuru, soksom, pundo, and digor. Bhutanese music has traditional genres such as Zhungdra, Boedra, and a modern genre called Rigsar. International music rock, pop and classic has become well known among the Bhutanese youth.

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