Festival Tours

The festivals are one of the most joyous occasions in a Bhutanese life. We wait all year round for the Tshechu to begin, this is the time when people dress in their luxury clothes to attend them, it is also the most popular time for tourists. Once every year various temples monasteries and dzongs across the country hold a religious festival or Tshechu. (Tenth day).

These festivals are held in the honor of Guru Rinpoche (the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan) to celebrate his great deeds. Villagers from various villages come together to witness the religious mask dances (cham) and to receive blessings from lamas.

Every mask dances performed during Tshechu has a meaning and a story behind .We believe that everyone must attend a Tshechu and witness the mask dances at least once to receive the blessings and wash away the sins.
Among many Tshechus in the country most popular for tourists are those held in Paro during spring, Thimphu and Bumthang in autumn. Besides the locals many tourists from across the world are attracted to this unique, colorful and exciting culture. We can prepare you a customized itinerary according to your needs and wish only for you.

Festival Galleries

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