Honeymoon Tours

Marriage is one of the most precious moment in ones life. Spending time with your special one after tying the knot is equally important. We provide you one of the most unique honeymoon experience in the world. We will assist you to book your holidays to experience 3-5 star properties according to your budget.

Whether you wanna spend your time alone without being disturbed or you wanna spend your time visiting places, we give you all the choices. Bhutan has bunch of amazingly romantic places to explore with your better half.

Get ready to spend your honeymoon on a whole another level. Spend a night or two in a tent on one of the many amazing trekking routes. Sip a hot steaming coffee on the cold Dochula pass. It’s all possible with Padmasambhava tours and treks. We could even prepare you a customized itinerary according to your needs and wish only for you.

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