Photography Tours

Trek up to Taktsang (Tigers nest) monastery and capture a breathtaking view of the monastery and the valley below. Capture one of the rarest black naked crane in the world at Phobjikha. You could even get to see Takin, the national animal of Bhutan, a strange animal not seen anywhere in the World.

Different species of birds are found in Bhutan and it attracts many bird lover to explore more with the photography package which includes bird view package. You can capture as many beautiful and unique birds which is rarely found in different part of world.

Not to forget the unique culture, tradition and architecture which gives a spectacular unique scene to be captured. Bhutan experience all reasons in a year and it can help you tell stories of seasons through the pictures. Be it the beautiful waterfall or thick snowed mountain or ever green forest, Bhutan have many places or never-ending stories for you to explore or tell others through your pictures.

With Padmasambhava Tours and Treks we make sure you get the Scene you want. We will prepare itinerary according to your needs and wish only for you.

Photography Gallery

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